Bill to Toughen Texting While Driving Law on Hold

Feb 26, 2013

A move to toughen Kentucky’s texting while driving law failed to pass out of committee today.  The bill calls for adding three points to violators’ licenses.  After accumulating 12 points within two years, a driver’s license can be suspended.  The Transportation Committee heard emotional testimony from Wil Craig, who suffered a brain injury as a passenger in a 2008 crash.

“When I was 17 years old, I hit a tree at 120 miles per hour because someone was texting and driving.  I was even the passenger.  I died.  I died.  I can’t drive any more. I can’t serve my country like I wanted to,” said Craig.

The bill needed 16 votes to pass out of committee.  It garnered 13 aye votes.  Louisville Representative Steve Riggs registered one of the pass votes.

“I would prefer first to try raising the fine and using that amount of fine raising to 75 dollars or a hundred dollars or whatever you raise it to and use that money and dedicate it to the brain injury trust fund.  I think that would be better use of the money,” added Riggs.

Committee Chair Hubie Collins didn’t rule out calling another meeting where the bill could be reconsidered.