Bill Relaxing Drug Refill Limits Moves to Ky. House

Mar 14, 2014


The Kentucky Senate has approved legislation aimed at keeping certain key maintenance drugs in the hands of patients.  The bill requires pharmaceutical benefit managers to contact prescribing doctors before cutting off coverage of the medications.

  Jessamine County Senator Tom Buford says it would typically involve cholesterol-lowing and blood pressure drugs.  He says requiring patients to get back into the doctor's office is not always a simple matter.  "Now, it you have to go see a cardiologist and you're out of medicine.  You're either going to have to get him to do it over the phone or you're gonna have to wait a month or two months or three months to get into see a cardiologist.    Congestive heart failure is not a reversible issue and a statin is most important," said Buford.

  In some cases, Buford says drugs to lower cholesterol or blood pressure can be bought from a Canadian supplier.  But, he says there is added cost to that approach.  The bill now goes on to the House.​