Bill Prohibiting E-Cigarettes for Minors Clears State Senate Committee

Feb 27, 2014


A bill intended to take electronic cigarettes out of the hands of many teenagers and younger children is headed to the full Kentucky Senate.

  The measure passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday.  Shelbyville Senator Paul Hornback says the bill would prohibit the buying or possession of e-cigarettes for those under 18, commenting,  “Currently there is no law on e-cigarettes, so it’s access to anybody at any time, whether it be purchasing, whether it be just consuming them or whatever."

  Hornback says the fines mirror penalties for juveniles that pertain to possessing or smoking tobacco-based cigarettes.  Hornback says the senate bill would also prohibit juveniles from participating in smoking in hookah bars.  “Well it covers that too.  That’s all part of the e-cigarette, the vapor and that’s what it covers, it covers that too, cause there’s a lot of hookah rooms apparently.  I haven’t seen them or been in them around our college campuses, so it will cover them too,” added Hornback.  Hornback says this legislation differs from a similar measure in the House.  He says his bill is not limited to tobacco-related nicotine, but covers all sources of the addicting substance.