Bill Allowing Religious Expression In Schools Expected To Pass

Feb 10, 2017

Sen. Albert Robinson

A Kentucky senate committee Thursday gave overwhelming backing to a bill addressing religious and political expression. 

The senate measure permits public school students to voluntarily express religious or political viewpoints in class assignments or other activities.  The bill is sponsored by London Senator Albert Robinson. It's expected to pass both the Senate and the House and be approved my Gov. Matt Bevin. Sponsor Robinson says the bill codifies constitutional law into one section in state law.

“They can have their own committees," Robinson said. "They can have their own access to the facilities as the secular would.”

The Committee on Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection approved the legislation by an 11-1 vote.  Louisville Senator Perry Clark believes such a law could result in more religious preaching in schools.

“I assume that there will be and when you mix government and religion, you will taint both,” Clark said. 

 Clark said

 the religious and political expression question has already been addressed through previous court cases.