Bikes and Bikeways Across Kentucky

Oct 11, 2011


More and more bikers are likely to make their way across Kentucky’s landscape in the years ahead.  It’s an issue which is foremost on the minds of the state’s Bike and Bikeway Commission.  The group’s annual meeting is coming up later this fall in Lexington.  State transportation engineering branch manager, Lynn Soporowski says each new stretch of pavement receives cycling attention.

“So sometime that accommodation is a bike lane, and sometimes it is a wider shoulder lane, and sometimes there are no accommodations…it’s merely the education of the users,” said Soporowski.

The bike is becoming a real way of life for many Kentuckians.  It’s sometimes a part of the day to day activities of working citizens.

“Many are using bicycles especially in this time of high gas costs.  The bicycle is their vehicle to work,” added Soporowski.

Soporowski says every new roadway is reviewed to see if it’s suitable for bike travel.  It’s difficult to know how many additional miles of bike lanes will be added over the next decade.

“Whether it’s a significant amount of bike lanes is yet to be seen.  We are having some research done on road diets.  Lexington had a very effective road diet that they did on Euclid Avenue several years ago.   That is actually re-purposing a road,” explained Soporowski.

No bicycles are allowed on federal interstates.  But, Soporowski says there are often times parallel routes being considered for bike travel.  The Commission is expected to examine Lexington’s Legacy Trail during its visit later this fall.