Bike Lanes in the Business Triangle

Aug 16, 2011


A long time Lexington businessman worries a relatively short stretch of bike lane could have a large impact on area retailers.

Mike Courtney, the owner of ‘Black Swan Books,’ has been a part of Lexington’s Woodland triangle for more than a quarter century.   Saying he has a number of bicycling customers, Courtney  is still concerned about a striping for a bike lane running along Maxwell street from Woodland to Kentucky

“The problem for us is this takes off 50 percent of our parking on Maxwell street, and for the whole Woodland Triangle takes about 25 to 30 percent of the parking for the entire business district of approximately 18 businesses,” said Courtney.

Courtney says parking has been available on both sides of Maxwell on this block since the 1920’s.  He says 18 businesses signed a petition some time ago in an attempt to maintain parking along the road. 

Bike lanes have been added recently to a large stretch of Maxwell.  Keith Lovan, in the city’s division of engineering , says the Woodland Triangle block got striped prematurely..

“There was one that got painted between Woodland and Kentucky and it was the contractor went above and beyond what he was supposed to do,” said Lovan.

Lexington Bikeway-Pedestrian coordinator Kenzie Gleason says some residents in the area have expressed an interest in running the bike lane up to Woodland park

“We’ve been working both with UK and the city to improve connectivity all campus and downtown.  You have to get to a certain point or critical mass of having enough facilities available to encourage more people to bike and I think we have seen that,” added Gleason.

Keith Lovan says the portion of Maxwell along the Woodland Triangle is not officially a bike lane yet.  He says cars parked along the roadway are not ticketed.  But, he says most recently a petition was delivered to the city in support of keeping a bike lane in place.