Big Haul Coming Through

Jun 19, 2012

The movement of a ‘super load’ of equipment from a dock in Louisville to a plant outside Harrodsburg will temporarily shut down some roads tonight.  Most of the move will occur at night, under Kentucky State Police escort, to minimize disruption of traffic.  The load, a 275 thousand pound industrial dryer, is being transported on a 16 axle trailer.  The move is expected to begin tonight at nine in Louisville and end up at the Wausau Paper plant early Thursday.

  After leaving the Ohio River site, the load and its convoy will pass through Simpsonville, Shelbyville, Frankfort, and Lawrenceburg on the way to Harrodsburg.  When the transport trailer is included, the load more than 20 feet high.  Along the route, crews will raise utility lines to create enough clearance.