Better Business Bureau Warns Students

Sep 12, 2011

The Better Business Bureau is reminding University of Kentucky students, especially those new to the area, to stay vigilant when it comes to offers that sound too good to be true.  Tech savvy college students may think they're immune to scams, but Heather Clary, a spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau of Central and Eastern Kentucky says the young, as well as the elderly, can be taken for a ride.

"We've already started to receive a couple of emails from students on campus who have gotten what look like really great job offers that they have come across on the internet or on sites such as Craigslist and it turned out it was just another way to scam them," Clary says.

That's why the Better Business Bureau is handing out free informational magnets with their phone number and web address, as well as contact information for other agencies, to four off-campus apartment complexes housing students. Clary says the magnets will be distributed at The Lex, Newtown Crossing, Red Mile Village, and The Courtyards.