Beshear, Williams Share Higher Ed Podium

Sep 8, 2011

Two months from today, Kentuckians choose their next governor.  A pair of candidates stood together Wednesday during a higher education event in Frankfort.  Democratic incumbent Steve Beshear believes his lead in the polls is a ‘reflection of how he’s tried to lead’.

“You know, I think people understand what we’ve gone through with this national recession.  They understand that we have worked hard to bring them through this, to bring their families through this, to bring their businesses through this as best we can,” said Beshear.

Republican challenger David Williams, who leads the state senate, is sometimes portrayed as bullish.  Still, the Burkesville lawmaker says he is respected by people who know him.

 “Those people that know me like me, and you know the likeability factor might be a worry to some folks, but I think people are wanting a strong leader,” said Williams.

Williams, who trails in the polls by double-digits, says it’s important for him that he stay on message.

“Well I think people are interested in the agenda that a candidate has and we’re gonna focus on the agenda and giving complete responses and making ourselves available for debates and forums.  Giving folks access to ask questions,” said Williams.

Governor Beshear adds the only poll that matters is on Election Day.  For the time being, Beshear says he’ll keep his campaigning upbeat.

 “I’ll tell you, I don’t think most people like negative campaigns.  I don’t like them.  We’ve been running a positive campaign. We’ve been talking about what we have done, what we plan to do.  I think people are responding to that and I think that’s what we’re going to continue to do,” said Beshear.

Absent from the podium was Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith.  Galbraith, who’s a third, independent candidate vying for the governor’s office, holds no state office.