Beshear Signs Order for Tornado Victims

Mar 4, 2012

Gov. Beshear Saturday signed an executive order that will allow Kentuckians displaced by the storms to get up to a 30-day supply of needed medicines from a pharmacist. This is the first time this particular executive order has been issued. People who depend on regular supplies of maintenance medicines may have lost track of their medications in the aftermath of the storms.

This order will not only allow for a temporary restoration of those drugs, but will also allow pharmacists to dispense those prescriptions from facilities outside their regular pharmacies. This order will not allow for emergency refills of controlled substances, according to a statement from the governor's office.

“Many Kentuckians depend on regular maintenance medications, like blood pressure pills, and skipping a few days could cause unnecessary hardship or possible poor health outcomes for some citizens,” Beshear said. “This order will allow people to contact a pharmacist to restore their regular medications.”

“I appreciate Gov. Beshear’s prompt attention to this matter, and his willingness to authorize pharmacists to help patients immediately,” Department of Public Health Acting Commissioner Dr. Steve Davis said. “So many people have already had such a terrible few days, and allowing patients to get emergency replacement medicines is a great help.”

The Kentucky Pharmacists Association will notify the state’s pharmacists of the new order. “We applaud Gov. Beshear’s decision to extend this emergency provision for the benefit of Kentuckians who need routine medications,” executive director Robert McFalls said. “This expedited process will allow citizens to maintain their health routines while recovering from the storms.”

Beshear declared a statewide emergency on Friday afternoon in order to allow local communities to access state resources and assistance without delay. Multiple tornadoes and severe storms caused heavy damage across the state on Friday.

On Saturday, Beshear also signed a consumer protection executive order at the request of Attorney General Jack Conway to implement Kentucky’s price-gouging laws, according to a state press release.