Bells Toll in Downtown Lexington

Dec 21, 2012

At 9:30 this morning, people across the country paused for a moment to reflect on last Friday’s massacre at a Connecticut school. In downtown Lexington, WEKU’S Stu Johnson listened while a church bell tolled.  Just prior to 9:30, Lauren Maat walked along Short Street.  She says the murders of 26 people in a Newtown elementary school have been a topic of conversation for her and her friends.   “Yes, a lot of my friends have talked about it.  Unfortunately, it has been more about the political side of things, gun control, and that sort of thing, but definitely talking about it, yes,” said Maat.

Outside the Lexington Children’s Theater, Kenneth Foster helped move props from a truck.  Foster says ‘people should just be more aware of how they affect those” people around them.

“Being aware of that and trying, even if you can’t make a difference, if you try, maybe you can and just one person reaching out to someone could prevent something like this because they know that they are not alone,” said Foster.

Just as Foster spoke about the families of victims, the bell atop Saint Paul Roman Catholic church began to ring.

“I can’t even put into words how their families must be feeling, and about all the lost potential is the best way I could explain that, and that’s pretty much all I’ve got really.  And I think that’s the bell.   Yes, and there are the bells,” added Foster.

Just seconds after the belled tolled a 27th time, Tim Reed stepped from his car onto Short Street.

“We observed a moment of silence with another radio station in the car, we were just praying for their families and just God’s comfort, for his Holy Spirit to be with them and just bring them comfort, cause I just can’t imagine.  I have a six year old son and it just breaks my heart to even think about it,” said Reed.

Reed says there is evil in the world and people are gonna find ways to hurt each other.  He says it hard to imagine a way to completely prevent this type of violence.