'Beep' Baseball Comes to Fort Knox

Oct 30, 2013

Credit beepky.org

It may be a little cool, but a group of Fort Knox soldiers are gearing up for some November baseball.  This is an outdoor activity with several twists.  It’s a brand new game for wounded warriors in the Fort Knox transition program.  It’s called ‘Beep’ baseball.  As suggested, the ball sounds off with repetitive beeps.  It was developed for people with visual impairment, but even players with vision are blindfolded.

  Winchester former marine Matt Bradford lost both of his legs and his vision in Iraq in 2007.  He says beep baseball was introduced to wounded warriors in Fort Knox a while back.

“They, at first, did not know what it was, and then they actually got out there and swung a bat and they fell in love with it.  They were out there joking with the soldiers and it started with two people going out with us to 15 to 20 soldiers out there by the time we left,” said Bradford.

The Winchester native says he believes this new sport will catch on among veterans.  Bradford sees it as a way to foster socialization.

“You know the hardest thing going through the wounded warrior process is getting them out of their rooms and part of communities and getting them involved in sporting activities because they like to sit behind their T.V. and play video games.  A lot of wounded warriors don’t like being around people.  They like being confined to themselves now,” added Bradford.

The Fort Knox wounded warrior transition program is a 460 person unit.  Bradford says there are men and women with physical and mental injuries.  He says the wounded warriors come from eight states.  The first beep baseball game at Fort Knox is slated for November 18th.  More can be learned about beep baseball at woundwarriors@beepky.org.