Bedbug Summer Traveling in Kentucky

Jun 17, 2013


As people take summer vacations, bedbugs also hit the road.  The bedbug infestation is not waning.  A national survey shows almost all pest management professionals encountered bedbugs over the last year.  And with more people travelling and changing residences,  University of Kentucky Entomologist Mike Potter says many pest control experts see a lot of activity during the summer.

“It’s kind of a jump ball on that question, but I think in general, I would say that for those companies who say there is a seasonal cycle, it’s usually during the warmer months of the year when the phone rings the most,” said Potter.

Summertime is also a busy time for yard sales across the Commonwealth.  Potter says the chance of picking up bedbugs at rummage sales shouldn’t prevent a look.

“There are certain things that are a little higher probability in terms of the concern; beds and couches and recliners because that’s where people tend to spend a lot of time.  That’s where bedbugs are more likely to be found as opposed as something like a television set or an end table, I mean those are possibilities, but much less so,” added Potter.

Potter says Kentuckians can check for bed bugs by inspecting the seams of mattresses.  The U-K insect specialist says awareness of the problem is growing.  As for a fix, Potter doesn’t expect much progress over the next five years.