Barr Talks About North Korea Strategy, Ky Manufacturing

Sep 25, 2017


Sixth District Representative Andy Barr says Kentuckians and other Americans should be concerned about activities within the North Korean government. 

The Republican representative says those worries should be based on ten years of a U.S. policy of strategic patience toward the nation ruled by dictator Kim Jong-un. 

Barr says he applauds the Trump administration’s approach.

“Enhanced military deterrence, enhanced economic sanctions, forcing the Chinese and the Russians to work with us in terms of the illicit finance.  Cutting off the illicit finance,” said Barr.

Regarding economic pressures, Barr says foreign banks should be given a choice to trade with the U.S. and not North Korea.  The central Kentucky congressman says current intelligence is not indicating any imminent threat of a North Korean missile launch aimed at places such as Guam or Japan.

The central Kentucky congressman says the Commonwealth’s efforts at manufacturing recruitment are catching the eye of government officials in surrounding states and America’s Vice President. 

Barr says a move to make Kentucky a "right to work" state, coupled with interest in pension and tax reforms are making a statement. 

“Other governors and even the Vice President and the President are noticing Governor Bevin’s policy agenda making Kentucky more competitive from a standpoint of attracting jobs and more industry to Kentucky,” noted Barr. “That is a positive thing.”

Just last week, Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher announced his city would submit a proposal to try to land an Amazon headquarters.