Barbecue Festival Rare Taste Treat For General Public

Sep 3, 2013

Credit Kentucky Barbecue Festival

Come this weekend in Danville, hungry eyes will seek out smoky barbecue pits.  The third annual Kentucky State Barbeque Festival is expected to attract an estimated 50-thousand visitors.   Festival organizer Brad Simmons believes slow cooked barbeque is just what many Kentuckians need.

“I think the faster we get with our technology and instant messaging and texting, the more we crave for down home cooked real food and something that’s been cooked for 12 to 18 hours.  That’s pretty attractive in a hustle, bustle world,” said Simmons.

Unlike many Pit Master competitions, this weekend’s festival in Danville will make award-winning barbecue available to the public.   Simmons says the secret to good barbeque is often found in the simpliest ingredients.

“So if you came to me and asked me, how could I make just a really killer rub or a killer sauce, I would say the stuff you can find in your pantry now,  Something that grandma wouldn’t wrinkle her nose at.  Salt, Pepper, Garlic, sugar, nothing too crazy, onion powder,” added Simmons.

For the first time, there will be what’s termed a backyard barbeque competition. But, mostly, Simmons says the emphasis is tasty food, live music, and socializing.  The Kentucky State Barbeque Festival is Saturday and Sunday along Danville’s Main Street.