Back to Class in Fayette

Aug 10, 2011

It’s ‘back to school’ time in Fayette County Thursday and the students numbers continue to rise.

New school construction and renovation are a part of the fabric of the Fayette County School System.  Acting school superintendent, Mary Wright says projections show an additional 800 students coming into the Lexington district this year.  She says the district has been growing by about 600 students in each of the last few years.  Wright says some renovation work continues

“We will have portable classrooms on a number of sites.  But, again we’ve got safety plans in place.  I have extra staff out at those schools,” said Wright. Transportation of school children in Fayette County includes a new safety feature this year.   Thursday marks the start of another school

year in the Lexington district.  G-P-S technology was used in one elementary school last year.  Acting school superintendent Mary Wright says students can be tracked when they get on or off a bus.

“If we get tied up in traffic, we’ll be able to communicate exactly where the bus is.  If there are delays, we’ll be able to let parents know what the situation is and where the bus is,” said Wright.

Wright says the new technology should be system wide later this fall. Two new schools will find students moving throughout their hallways Thursday.