B-Ball Tickets in High Demand

Mar 13, 2012

Tickets for the NCAA Tournament games at Louisville’s Yum Center are hard to come by and as Alan Lytle reports,  that could open the door to a variety of scam artists.  Heather Clary with the Better Business Bureau of Central and Eastern Kentucky says it’s a good idea to do some checking on who’s selling before you start buying.

“You don’t want your March Madness to turn into March Sadness especially if you fall for a too good to be true sounding ticket offer or if you just buy tickets at an inflated price and you turn out not to get any tickets at all.  So the BBB does always warn about these kinds of things because we know we have a lot of rabid basketball fans in this area who may want to follow various teams.”

That’s especially true of Wildcat fans who want to see Kentucky take that first step toward a national title on Thursday.  The BBB  warns fans to use extreme caution with general buy and sell websites like Craigslist.  It’s especially wise to use a credit card on a secure website instead of wiring money to a broker who may or may not be legit.