"Audacious" Abolitionist Premiers on Big Screen

Sep 25, 2012

A documentary revives the memory of a 19th century Kentuckian who led the fight against slavery in the south.  The film, titled “Cassius Clay, an Audacious American” was created by Lexington Film maker Michael Breeding.  Breeding says interest in the abolitionist is growing.

“There is a lot of excitement about Cassius Clay. I could show you emails from people ordering tickets. `I want ten tickets. I want six tickets. I can’t wait for this show. We’ve been waiting for this a long time.’ On and on and on,” said Breeding.

Before the Civil War, Clay lived in Madison County and ran an anti-slavery newspaper in Lexington.  He was also considered a contender for the White House.

The film premieres Thursday evening at the Kentucky Theater in Lexington. Breeding hopes to re-create a feel for antebellum Kentucky.

“We are encouraging people to dress in period costume from the 19th century and all of those who do, will receive a free `Cassius Clay’ documentary DVD,” said Breeding.

Breeding, who also lives in Lexington, says tickets bought at the door at $10, but, if there’s no charge if the tickets are ordered on-line.

“I struggle, honestly, with whether or not to have a premiere.  It’s really not for me.  It’s for the people in the show.  The premiere is really about all the hard work by the other people, but the writers, by the actors, for those who deserve to be recognized. It’s just a fun thing to do,” said Breeding.

Kentucky Educational Television also broadcasts Breeding’s documentary on Cassius Clay next month.  Breeding has created numerous documentaries for KET.