Attracting Movies and Expanding Tourism

Jun 5, 2012

Kentucky’s new commissioner for the State Department of Travel and Tourism is charged with expanding tourism by while landing new attractions.  Mike Mangeot returns to a position in state tourism.  About ten years ago, the 45 year old economic development specialist served as deputy commissioner of the Department of Travel.  He wants to assess current conditions before making any firm suggestions, but, Mangeot sees opportunity across Kentucky.

“I’ve never understood why the Commonwealth of Kentucky doesn’t have a destination resort along the lines of a Grove Park Inn or a Greenbriar, or a Homestead.  I’ve been to each of those..we have everything that they have to offer,” said Mangeot.

Mangeot says lots of states work to bring film projects…big movies can boost a community’s economy.  He says incentives currently offered by the state are a little better than the average, but adds many states are in the film bidding war.

“The Hatfields and the McCoys that just ran on the history channel and I watched.. was a great production and had Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton and a number of well known actors in it…was shot in Romania…and you kind of scratch your head and say why would they shoot that in Romania instead of coming to Kentucky or somewhere to shoot,” added Mangeot. 

During 20-11, travel and tourism had an economic impact in Kentucky of nearly 12 billion dollars and supported about 170-thousand jobs.