Ark Property in Place

Feb 16, 2012

The ‘Ark Encounter’ project in northern Kentucky ebbs and flows with the economy.  Plans call for the construction near Williamsburg, Kentucky of a theme park based on the bible story of Noah’s Ark.  Ark Encounter Senior Vice President Mike Zovath says the company closed this week on the last piece of land needed for the 800 acre park.

“Well it’s significant in that it’s the final piece of property that we needed to secure for the overall project and it’s the largest piece…566 acres,” said Zovath.

There were plans to break ground this spring on the Ark Encounter, but Zovath says that won’t happen.

“We try to predict and then things slow down… and then we keep putting things off so we’re gonna hold off on setting a date for it,” added Zovath.

Zovath  says the aim of the project is to get people thinking about the Biblical account of Noah and the flood.

“If we can show that the account of the ark is believable and plausible in people’s eyes then the rest of the biblical account..the account of salvation..Jesus Christ dying for our sins is as plausible as the Ark Encounter,” said Zovath.

To this point, more than five million dollars in donations have been received for the building of the ark park. As an incentive, the state of Kentucky is offering 40 million dollars in sale tax rebates.  Zovath says they won’t see that money until the attraction is up and running.