April Brings Shows to LEX Library

Apr 2, 2012

A new arts venue opens tomorrow in Lexington.  The Central Library on Main Street has renovated its Farish Theater.  In its first month, Library Director Ann Hammond said the 139-seat theater hosts free events on 28 straight days. 

“We can do plays, we can do dance, music productions, film screenings, a lot of different and we’re set up now for a meeting that’s going to be happening later,” said Hammond.

The renovation was funded by grants from W. Paul and Lucille Caudill Little Foundation, and the William Stamps Farish Fund. 

“We have done a complete makeover in the room…new paint, new flooring, new seats that are off-set so it makes it easier to see around the person in front of you, all news lighting, new sound system, new cameras, everything state-of-the-art,” said Hammond.

The theater opens with Celtic and Latin music from “Stirfry Musette.”

One of the things that we did was meet with a lot of people from the community, from the arts community, saying `this is the space we have, what do we need to make good for your purposes?” said Hammond.