Apple Co-Founder Honored at Alltech Conference

May 25, 2016

Apple computer co-founder Steve Wozniak was in Lexington yesterday to be honored and speak at: ONE: the Alltech Ideas Conference.

Apple Computers co-founder Steve Wozniak was keynote speaker at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference
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Wozniak is the recipient of the 2016 Humanitarian Award for his  “dedication to inspiring innovation through education and creating one of the world’s most peaceful  revolutions.”

Alltech President Pearce Lyons welcomed Wozniak to the stage at Rupp Arena.

Following his talk, “One Idea That Changed the World,” Wozniak discussed his career and relationship with Steve Jobs with Tom Martin, contributing columnist with the Lexington Herald-Leader.

“A lot of what we have today is really good because of accidents. A lot of it is good because Steve Jobs didn’t know computer technology. But because of that, he wanted machines for people like himself and most people don’t want to know computer technology. They just want to use it for the good things in life.”

Wozniak confided that he did not originally think social media would have much of an impact on the world.

Wozniak’s comments can be heard in an upcoming segment on Focus on Business on WEKU and in a podcast available through Kentucky dot com.

See the video of Tom Martin's interview with Steve Wozniak