Animal Rescuers Rallying at the Capitol

Feb 23, 2012

Kentucky lawmakers were reminded today of a 96 dog rescue in western Kentucky.  The animals were retrieved in the community of Wingo through the efforts of Animal Rescue Corps.  Corps President Scotlund Haisley was at the state capitol today for ‘Humane Lobby Day.’

“We did 13 rescues last year large scale rescues and I’d say 90 percent of them were in the southern region,” said Haisley.

Animal Rescue Corps President Scotlund Haisley says 96 live dogs and eight dead dogs were removed from the Graves county property last week.  In a way, Haisley says those animal were lucky..

“If she had not surrendered…the owner of the property had not surrended  the dogs..over to us after we seized them with the sheriff’s department, then we would have been, because the way the laws are set now…we would have been stuck housing these animals throughout the judicial process,” added Haisley.

A house bill before state lawmakers would require a court hearing whenever a person is accused of animal cruelty.  The judge could then seize the animals and make permanent arrangements for humane treatment.  Haisley participated in Humane Lobby Day in Frankfort today.