Animal Control Recognition

Apr 11, 2013

April tenth of 20-12 is a day Lexington Animal Care and Control Officer Ashley Browning won’t forget.  Browning was trying to restrain a vicious dog when she suffered significant injuries.  “My equipment, I couldn’t get the dog off me so, he did attack me, had me down.  The owner showed up and got the dog off and basically after that I had to endure all the issues with a dog bite, get taken to the hospital, the stitches and all that kind of thing,” said Browning.

The scars on Browning’s arm remain apparent.  And she admits there was some mental healing required as well.

“And it’s still a challenge.  Look over your shoulder kind of thing.  It sticks with you.  It’s still a challenge every day, but my fellow officers, they’ve worked with me and helped me out in different ways as well,” added Browning.

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray honored Browning and her fellow officers by proclaiming this as “Animal Care and Control Officer Appreciation Week.”