Alcohol Sales on Election Day Moving On

Feb 27, 2013

Allowing the purchase of alcohol on Election Day is a step closer to reality.  In Kentucky, liquor hasn’t been sold on Election Day since the beginning of prohibition.  Northern Kentucky Senator John Schickel says the measure also allows local voters to restrict alcohol sales.  “It’s my feeling and I think the feeling of the majority of people in the legislature now is that this is a law that’s passed its practical application and it’s small business.  This is a big deal to small business, small tavern owners, small restaurant owners.”

Schickel is a retired law enforcement officer who investigated cases of vote buying.  Schickel doesn’t believe lifting this prohibition will mean more inebriated voters.

“Every one of those cases was in a dry area and this doesn’t affect dry areas.  This only affects wet areas.  I think that’s a solution looking for a problem in wet areas.  I can’t ever, I don’t know of any time that it’s ever happened that I know of, where it’s been reported they went in inebriated and somehow couldn’t make a clear decision.”

The bill, which was approved in the Senate, now goes to the House floor.