After Admitting To Doping, Cyclist Hamilton Surrenders His Gold Medal

May 20, 2011

As we've reported cyclist Tyler Hamilton made waves when he told CBS News' 60 Minutes that he had seen Lance Armstrong inject himself with a performance-enhancing drug.

Hamilton, 40, also admitted to doping himself, and, today, the New York Times reports that he has voluntarily surrendered his 2004 Olympic Gold Medal to the United States Anti-Doping Agency. The Times received confirmation from the International Olympic Committee:

"The I.O.C. has been in touch with Usada, which indicated that the athlete has already rendered his gold medal — Athens 2004 time-trial race — and that they are currently pursuing an inquiry," Emmanuelle Moreau, a spokeswoman for the I.O.C., wrote in an e-mail. "The I.O.C. has taken note of Hamilton's confession and will, of course, study any potential Games-related implications."

Usada confirmed in a statement Friday that Hamilton had returned the medal and said, "We will continue to work with the I.O.C. and the U.S.O.C. as appropriate concerning the final implications of our overall investigation."

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