Advocates Hope for Housing Trust as Answer to Prayer

Mar 4, 2014


Some supporters of affordable housing in Lexington are praying that city leaders act on establishing a trust fund.  A short prayer vigil, complete with song, took place in the city hall lobby Tuesday.  Members of the group “Building United Interfaith Lexington Through Directive Action" or BUILD have been involved in the housing initiative for six years. 


 Pastor Adam Jones led the prayer circle,  “We just wanted to come down here and let our leaders know and let our mayor know we’re not gonna forget our neighbors and we’re gonna keep pressing forward on this issue until our city decides to be a place where everyone can afford to live."  

Last week, Lexington's council postponed action on a proposed affordable housing trust fund, opting to wait on the mayor’s budget. Mayor Jim Gray has indicated he will include funding for the housing issue in his budget to be unveiled next month.   He has not said how much money he will allocate for any housing proposal.