AdvanceKentucky Focuses on AP Students

Jul 22, 2011

With the students in the U.S. falling behind in math and science, teachers are hoping to learn new ways to rekindle interest in the subjects, and nearly 1000 teachers have gathered in Lexington over the past few weeks to do just that.  The National Assessment of Educational Programs recently found only 33 percent of eighth graders are proficient or advanced in math. Likewise, math and science teachers are becoming harder and harder to come by. For the past couple weeks, a program called Laying the Foundation has been training teachers, mostly from Kentucky, to better prepare students for the rigors of Advanced Placement courses.

Megan Banks is an AP Calculus teacher from Jessamine County. She says simply having teachers give lectures and hand out assignments might not be enough anymore.

"That's why math has become so boring for students. It's not realistic. It's not applicable. What these lessons do is they get the students engaged," she said.

That means getting creative, becoming more hands on, and showing students the real world applications of what they're learning. Laying the Foundation is in its third year.