Access to Forage Eased For Drought-Stricken Farms

Drought-stricken Kentucky farmers in need of hay or other forages for their livestock can seek help through a state Department of Agriculture website. Agriculture Commissioner James Comer says a forage sales directory is up and running that can match up farmers with forages for sale with those whose pastures and fields have been dried up by the drought.    A similar program is also available for farmers in Indiana.

Comer says many western Kentucky farmers have been forced to feed their livestock forages that would normally be set aside for winter.

"They have absolutely no pasture in western Kentucky," he said.    I’ve spent the last two weeks in western Kentucky meeting with farmers affected by the drought, and I can tell you it’s a bad situation."

A hay hotline is also available to connect farmers needing hay with those who have hay for sale.  The number is 502-564-4983.

Western Kentucky remains in an extreme drought, while central Kentucky and the Bluegrass region are in a moderate drought.