74 Layed off at Depot, 108 more Likely

Apr 15, 2013

Layoffs were announced today at the Bluegrass Army Depot near Richmond.  Within a few months, at least 74 workers will lose their jobs, but another hundred are likely.  In a sense, Colonel Brian Rogers is returning his command to a peace time footing.  As America’s military commitment to Iraq and Afghanistan has shrunk, so has its need for munitions.   The combat veteran says laying off workers is the hardest thing he’s ever done.

Weapons storage igloos at Bluegrass Army Depot, near Richmond.

“It’s my duty to make sure that we have the depot postured for FY15 and that this depot will remain relevant and the Department of Defense long into the future and be good members of the community, and so as a soldier, I do my duty,” said Rogers.

Besides the 74 layoffs, Rogers says another 108 civilian employees could lose their jobs if no additional work is found.  It comes as a double whammy to the economy in Madison County, which will soon feel the impact of staff reductions at Eastern Kentucky University.