4th District Primary Candidates on Kentucky Tonight

May 15, 2012

Vigorous discussion of the issues filled studio A at KET Monday night when the “Magnificent 7,” the field of 4th District Republican Primary candidates, filled the Kentucky Tonight table from one end to the other.  It was the first time all seven candidates—Marc Carey, Thomas Massie, Gary Moore, Brian Oerther, Walter Schumm, Alecia Webb-Edgington, and Tom Wurtz—discussed the issues on state-wide television. From smaller and limited government to lower taxes and a jobs plan for the 4th district, all the candidates had an opportunity to persuade voters in the 4th why they should be the one to replace current Republican officeholder Congressman Geoff Davis.

With primary election day only a week away, we’ll be concentrating on politics for the next few days. Here’s a preview.University of Kentucky professor, Director of the Rural Journalism Institute at UK, and KET political analyst Al Cross will sit down with me this coming Sunday on One to One to discuss the state races, contested Congressional contests, and what’s shaping up to be a very active political season for President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney.Monday night on Kentucky Tonight, the state party chairs will be in the studio with political experts John David Dyche and Jennifer Moore as we take a look at the primary. Tuesday, at 9/8 pm CT on KET, we’ll be on the air with Al, John David, and Jennifer to report on all the races across the state. It will also give our analysts a chance to talk about what they predict will occur over the summer and into the fall campaign. You can bet they will all be opinionated and ready to express their thoughts.