400 Thousand State Returns Could Come In Today

Apr 15, 2013

It’s tax day and a busy one at the Kentucky Revenue Department.

“I noticed, I’ve been watching our phone board and evidently we’re getting a lot of questions today. So, a lot of phone calls coming in already.”

State Division of Individual Income Director Bruce Nix says some one- point-three million state tax returns have already been filed, but another 400-thousand could arrive today.  For taxpayers who need more time, Nix says filing for an extension with the I-R-S is all that’s required in Kentucky.

“If they’re getting a federal extension, then no they do not have to notify us as long as it’s approved by the federal, then all they need to do is attach it to their return when they file,” said Nix.

Some 80 percent of Kentuckians use the internet to file their state tax forms.  Nix says processing paper returns can be a burden.

“For someone who is filing paper, right at the deadline, it could take anywhere from eight to ten weeks before they get their return.  And electronically, we usually can get it out before two weeks,” added Nix.

Nix says Kentucky’s tax return is similar to other states.  But, he says some state have standard deductions and don’t allow itemized deductions.  This year’s average state refund comes to about 365- dollars.