39th Festival of the Bluegrass Underway

Jun 8, 2012

The singing and picking starts well before the first band hits the stage.  Almost four decades ago, coordinator Roy ‘Miller’ Cornett’s grandparents got the festival going.  Cornett admits, though, much of the entertainment can be found off-stage.  “To be completely honest, the best music out here at the Festival of the Bluegrass is not on the main stage…the best music that takes place out here is what happens in the campground and the people that are sitting around their campfire playing until four o clock in the morning,” said Cornett.

Some might say that bluegrass music is as ‘old as the hills.’  But, like any other form of music, changes come along.   Cornett says some of today’s Bluegrass is termed ‘progressive’.  Still, Cornett, who’s family launched the Lexington festival, says tradition is their focus.

“We are,  I don’t want to say..fighting against the current, because that’s not what we’re doing…but we’re making sure that there’s a large bluegrass festival that’s also representing that traditional side…that’s how it was since the 1970’s,” added Cornett.

Cornett says tickets have already been sold to fans from some 30 states and four countries.  He predicts about ten thousand people will take in the festival this weekend.