1972 USA Olympic Basketball Team Reuniting in Kentucky

Jul 26, 2012

40 years after one of the most controversial sporting contests in Olympic history, members of the 1972 U-S-A basketball team will re-unite in central Kentucky.  The Olympic gold went to the Soviet basketball team in 1972.  Some 40 years later, the outcome of the game is still disputed in the United States.  At its finish, as the U-S team celebrated what it thought was a victory, the game clock was turned back and there was time for one more play. 

Then, a long pass down the court, a Soviet basket and the gold medal went to the Russians.  Georgetown College basketball team record holder Kenny Davis was captain of the U-S team.  Davis says members of the team will get together in a few weeks in Georgetown and Lexington. 

“All 12 players are still living which is ironic after 40 years.  The Soviet team that we played against, of their twelve players, six of those have already passed away.  However, they were a little bit older than we were at the time we played in Munich,” said Davis.

For most people, the 1972 Olympic Games in West Germany will be remembered for the terrorist killing of eleven Israeli athletes and coaches.  Each time he starts to feel sorry for himself, Davis thinks about the attack. 

“They were my age.  Living in the same village.  Eating the food.  Living the same dream.  They didn’t even get the chance to come back home and live a life.  All of our players are still alive.  We came back home, had families, and careers.  Life’s been ok with us without that gold medal.  Those young guys obviously, it was such a tragic event,” added Davis.

For the first time in 40 years , members of the 1972 U-S-A basketball team will reunite in central Kentucky in a few weeks.    Special activities are planned in Georgetown and Lexington.