An 18th Century Tavern at Fort Boonesborough

Jan 30, 2012

Fort Boonesborough opens an 18th century-style tavern this weekend.    The opening coincides with the state park’s long-running “Fireside Chats” on Kentucky history.  This February, the Saturday evening chats feature actors portraying pioneers like Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, and Jenny Wiley.   Park Manager Todd Melton says audiences also ask questions.

“Just go through a whole presentation and then after that there’s room for questions and answers and all these people are really knowledgeable about the character of the historic figure that they are portraying,” said Melton.

Melton says the tavern will be set up with some activities and a warm drink.

“We’ll probably have some hot cider..we’ll have some tavern games going on down the future we’re hoping to have some music..we may have some on some of the Saturdays during this time..we have some 18th century direct games that they’ll be doing down there,” added Melton.

A ‘Taste of the Frontier’ fare begins at 5:30 with the Fireside Chats immediately afterwards in the block house.   Reservations are required.