11 Ways Of Looking At A Country

May 24, 2011

The OECD just launched something called "Your Better Life Index."

The Oprah-esque name reflects an index that blends fuzzy measures like life satisfaction and work-life balance with more traditional economic indicators like income and jobs.

There's been a push on for a while to look beyond GDP, the economic measure often used to gauge countries' progress and growth.

Britain is adding questions about happiness and life satisfaction to its national surveys. The president of France asked a pair of Nobel laureates to look at better ways of measuring economic health.

The OECD's new index adds to this push. It includes a nice tool where you can adjust the importance of different indicators. If you're all about income, Luxembourg is the place for you. For life satisfaction, Canada is the champ. (You can also click through to see the specific metrics behind each measure.)

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