"11-11-11, a Veterans Day Special" on 88.9 WEKU

Nov 8, 2011

War stories as told by 9 student-veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are broadcast Friday on 88.9 WEKU. “11-11-11, A Veterans Day Special” offers stories told by veterans who now attend Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky.

 A former sailor from Franklin County talks about the monotony of monitoring submarine gauges while a Marine veteran, who lives in Scott County, discusses culture shock. A paratrooper speaks about the horror of killing a man, while other participants discuss Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, the loss of a limb to an IED, and the death of comrades.

Their stories were recorded as part of the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky.

Produced by the WEKU newsroom and broadcast statewide, “11-11-11” airs at 11:00 am EST on WEKU Radio and Morehead State Public Radio. It also airs Sunday at 9:00 am CST on WKMS Radio, which is owned and operated by Murray State University.