Scott Cameron

Scott Cameron is the Editor of Talk of the Nation, NPR's national news-talk call-in show. He brings more than a decade of news and radio experience to the show, which reaches more than 3 million listeners a week on more than 300 NPR member stations. As Editor, he helps guide the editorial agenda of the show and ensures that the program is balanced, accurate, timely, focused, well-written, and engaging. He's also an integral part of NPR's special coverage team, helping to edit and produce the network's live coverage of election night 2008, President Obama's inauguration, any number of congressional hearings and White House news conferences, and other events. He produces TotN's weekly Letters and Opinion Page segments, oversees the program's "Today's Talk" email newsletter, and is a regular contributor to the show's blog and Twitter feed.

Cameron brings extensive talk radio experience to NPR, including many years in commercial broadcasting. He has worked as a producer, reporter, editor, and music radio DJ. His programs have been honored with a number of respected journalism awards.

For six years, he covered consumer technology -- including a half-dozen reporting trips to the annual Consumer Electronics Show gadget-fest. His work has appeared in local and national magazines, and on national television news broadcasts, technology news websites, and dozens of local radio and TV news programs. He confesses a soft spot for shiny new gadgets, and anything having to do with chocolate.

Most recently, Cameron produced talk shows for WGN Radio in Chicago, the flagship station for the Chicago Cubs. He hopes to live long enough to see his Cubs win a World Series.

Nudist camps have been around in the U.S. for eighty years. The problem many of them now face is that a good portion of their membership is approaching that same age. And nudist groups are finding that young people just aren't interested. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report:

It's often much easier to begin a conversation — "Hello!" — than to gracefully end one. Anyone who ever sat on an airplane (or train or barstool) next to an over-friendly neighbor will understand. To the rescue: Joe Berkowitz. In a post on The Awl he writes, "Forcing a conversation into a half-nelson is a life skill that nobody should be without, like changing a tire or making a grilled cheese sandwich." For example, if you're stuck next to a friend of a friend of a friend at a bar: