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Thu August 29, 2013
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Lady Houdini's Escape Act Breaks Through Not Just Handcuffs

Originally published on Thu August 29, 2013 6:23 pm

Rochelle Fowler watches with tears on her face as Lady Houdini works to break free. Harry Houdini made the water torture cell famous more than 100 years ago.
Sadie Babits Boise State Public Radio

Kristen Johnson is no "lovely" magician's assistant. She's Lady Houdini, an escape artist who has successfully performed thousands of public feats and has broken Harry Houdini's record for most water escapes ever.

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Tue August 20, 2013
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Crews Battling Massive Idaho Fire Settle In For A Long Fight

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Mon July 23, 2012
The Torch

Two Very Different Cyclists Steer The Way From Idaho To London Olympics

Kristin Armstrong has been reporting to this stretch of highway outside Boise, Idaho, nearly every week to train in the time trial.
Sadie Babits Boise State Public Radio

Two American women cyclists from Idaho will race at this summer's Olympics. And their events couldn't be more different: Kristin Armstrong races the clock, wearing an aerodynamic teardrop helmet in the time trial.

Meanwhile, mountain biker Georgia Gould combines speed with technical prowess to navigate rocky descents and dirt trails.

Training In The Desert

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Sun July 17, 2011
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Doctor's Exhibit Paints Picture Of War's Impact

Dr. Bill Blahd poses in front of one of his paintings: "Recurring Daymare." Blahd says he he hopes to illustrate feelings that are hard to verbalize through his paintings.
Sadie Babits Boise State Public Radio

After a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, thousands of wounded veterans return home needing treatment and rehabilitation.

Their injuries, both physical and mental, have an emotional impact on their caregivers. And Dr. Bill Blahd, a doctor at a VA hospital in Idaho, has depicted the daily trauma he sees in a powerful art exhibit on the impact of war.

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Sun July 17, 2011
The Impact of War

Doctor Paints Trauma Of Young Veterans

Dr. Bill Blahd has seen a lot of trauma in his 30 years as an emergency room doctor. But he says nothing could have fully prepared him for his job at the Veterans Hospital in Boise. Most of his patients are veterans from past wars, Korea, Vietnam and even World War II. But it's the trauma of younger veterans that also haunts him. He turns those images into powerful paintings on canvas depicting the impact of war. Sadie Babits of Boise State Public Radio reports.


Thu June 16, 2011
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Northern Rockies States Brace For Flooding

The Northern Rocky Mountain states are bracing for what could be major flooding this month. The snowpack in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah is at a record high for this time of year. As temperatures rise, that snow is melting. If it gets too hot too quickly, snow will come off the mountains faster than rivers can handle. Some have already overflowed their banks.