Jessica Goldstein

There's no DeLorean involved, no "Doc." Irina Werning's time machine is her camera — and her travelers could be just about anyone. Odds are, you've seen her photos; "Back To The Future," as Werning calls her project, has become an internet meme, if not an overnight sensation.

Look closely, and you can see a rear view of Endeavour's wings and engines as the space shuttle sits on top of the International Space Station. This image was taken May 23 by an astronaut on board the Russian Soyuz spacecraft as it headed back to Earth. It's a never-before-seen perspective — the first-ever photos of the station-shuttle complex captured by a departing craft.

"All previous views have come from cameras on the station's exterior, or from cameras used by the crew from windows inside the station," says NASA spokesman Kelly Humphries.