James Roberts, Central KY News-Journal

James Roberts/Central Kentucky News-Journal

Tim Hazlette, a former colonel with the Kentucky State Police, will serve as Campbellsvilleā€™s next police chief. Mayor Tony Young made the recommendation to hire Hazlette during a special Campbellsville City Council meeting Tuesday night. Hazlette takes the reigns of Campbellsville Police Department on Dec. 1. Dennis Benningfield is retiring on Nov. 30 after six years as chief.

The ground is dry and cracked in spots. Patches of grass are turning brown. "I tell everybody that this is the driest place in the state," says Joey Benningfield, who operates a farm on Taylor County's West Finley Ridge with his father, Glenn, and grandfather, "Boss." Since June 1, Benningfield said, his land has received about 2 inches of rain. And it shows in his fields of corn, soybeans and tobacco. The family's beef cattle operation is suffering, too, he said.

It's odorless, tasteless, invisible and deadly. And it occurs naturally. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, according to Timmy Green, a radon specialist for the Lake Cumberland District Health Department and environmental services officer for the Green County Health Department. The No. 1 cause of lung cancer is smoking.