Claudia Marshall

Though she started her broadcasting career as a news reporter, City Folk Morning host Claudia Marshall is a music lover at heart -- she's from Motown, after all.

The day after graduation, Marshall packed up her Ford Escort and drove to Los Angeles in pursuit of a journalism career. She soon found it at all-news station KFWB, where she worked her way up from copywriter to newscaster before going on to a gig at L.A.'s top-rated oldies station, KRTH. In 1995, after a stint as a television reporter and a move to Portland, Ore., Marshall was lured to New York by CBS News. She spent the next five years reporting and anchoring national radio broadcasts there and at ABC News.

Soon after arriving in New York Marshall discovered WFUV and became an enthusiastic member. A few years later, Marshall decided WFUV might be a fun place to work and contacted program director Chuck Singleton. Her background in journalism and love of music thus begat City Folk Morning in the winter of 2001.

Marshall enjoys meeting "our great listeners" at local concert venues and interviewing her musical heroes on the air. She lives in Rockland County with her husband, two stepdaughters and a yellow lab. When she is not working at the station or catching live music, she is writing and performing her own music and contributing her talents to the non-profit group "Songs of Love," which cheers terminally-ill children with songs personalized just for them.

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