Cheri Lawson

 Cheri is a broadcast producer, anchor, reporter, announcer and talk show host with over 25 years of experience. For three years, she was the local host of Morning Edition on WMUB-FM at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Cheri produced and hosted local talk shows and news stories for the station for nine years. Prior to that, she produced and co-hosted a local talk show on WVXU, Cincinnati for nearly 15 years. Cheri has won numerous awards from the Public Radio News Directors Association, the Ohio and Kentucky Associated Press, and both the Cincinnati and Ohio chapters of the Society for Professional Journalists.


Thu February 27, 2014
Arts Weekly

Comic, Actor Lily Tomlin Discusses Career, Kentucky Connections

"One ringy dingy." Lily's classic character from TV's "Laugh In," Ernestine the telephone operator

One of America’s most recognizable comedians and actresses for over four decades is continuing to entertain audiences on the big screen and stage. Lily Tomlin, who's bringing her act to Springfield Ohio next month, discusses her career and her connections to the Bluegrass State with reporter Cheri Lawson


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Tue February 4, 2014
Science and Tech

"Science Guy"Bill Nye to Debate Creation Museum's Ken Ham

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum debate Tuesday night in Northern Kentucky
Credit The Creation Museum

The debate over the belief in divine creation versus evolution will be played out Tuesday evening in Northern Kentucky. Bill Nye, the Science Guy, will face off with one of the most outspoken supporters of creationism

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Sun February 2, 2014
The Commonwealth

Construction of Noah's Ark Park to Begin This Spring

Bill Nye, "The Science Guy" and Creation Museum founder and CEO Ken Ham debated the topic "Is Creation a Viable Model of Origins?" February 4, 2014
Credit Amy Harris


Thu December 19, 2013
Around the Nation

One Ohio Mall Store Offers Nothing For Sale, Just Faith And Cheer

Originally published on Thu December 19, 2013 5:42 pm

Christmas is less than a week away and shoppers continue their quest for the perfect gift at the perfect price. But at one shop in a southwest Ohio mall, Roman Catholic friars are offering their presence for free.


Wed July 4, 2012
Music News

The Olympics Of Choral Music Come To Cincinnati

Originally published on Tue July 3, 2012 10:11 am

South Africa's Kearsney College Choir is one of 360 groups that will be competing at the 2012 World Choir Games in Cincinnati.
World Choir Games

This summer, while athletes prepare for the Olympic Games in London, music lovers are getting ready for the "Olympics of Choral Music." Officially called the World Choir Games, this Herculean singing competition features hundreds of choirs from around the world. This year is the first time it will be held in the U.S. — in Cincinnati, starting Wednesday.

Catherine Roma, conductor of women's choir MUSE, says her philosophy is more about musical excellence than competition. After witnessing the 2010 Choral Olympics in China, she saw something that surprised her.

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Sun February 19, 2012
The Impact of War

Medics In Training: Treating Soldiers In Transit

Originally published on Sun February 19, 2012 7:58 pm



For the thousands of U.S. military men and women still fighting in Afghanistan, the realities of war mean many will have their missions cut short by serious injury. Airlifting the wounded out of the war zone and to a hospital requires specially trained medical teams. Cheri Lawson of member station WNKU spent time with trainees of the Air Force's critical care air transport team in Cincinnati. That's where the training takes place.


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