Mon April 18, 2011
Planet Money

About That Warning On U.S. Debt: Bond Investors Don't Care

If the U.S. doesn't figure out how to cut its long-term deficits, it could lose its top-notch credit rating, Standard & Poor's said today.

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Mon April 18, 2011
The Two-Way

Harrowing: Tornado Rips Baby From Arms Of His Caretaker

Jonathan Robinson could feel the wind from inside his trailer in Dunn, N.C. One of the 62 tornadoes reported in North Carolina over the weekend was headed his way.

He did what came naturally: The 21-year-old picked his cousin's three-month-old baby and ran to a closet. Robinson spoke to NPR's Michele Norris for today's edition of All Things Considered. What happened next is simply harrowing, and we'll let him tell the story:

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Mon April 18, 2011

Beyond Bunnies: The Real Meaning Of Easter Season

This is the season of high holy days: Passover, Pascua, Holy Friday and Easter Sunday. For many Christians, the ritual of this Easter weekend will be punctuated by bursting pink and yellow dresses on little girls, and magnificent hats on their mothers and grandmothers. There will be Easter baskets filled with chocolate eggs and plush bunnies.

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Mon April 18, 2011

Boogaloo Revival: A 1960's Fad Is Cool Again

English / Spanish

Last week's show featured a track by Latin music pioneer Joe Cuba and I promised to share the back story as to why we included it.

Seems a DJ who goes by the name DJ Turmix is rocking clubs, parties and other gatherings in New York not with various strains of dance music (house, trip-hop, trance, etc,).

He's doing it with straight-ahead, old school boogaloo.

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Mon April 18, 2011

Winners, Finalists For The 2011 Pulitzer Prizes

The New York Times was the only multiple winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prizes announced Monday, taking the awards for international reporting and for commentary.

No award was given for breaking news reporting — despite a news-rich year that included the Haitian earthquake and the Gulf oil spill.

In the arts categories, winners included novelist Jennifer Egan, historian Eric Foner and composer Zhou Long.

Here are the winners and finalists; the awards will be presented next month at a luncheon at New York's Columbia University.

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Mon April 18, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

WHO Resolves Impasse Over Sharing Of Flu Viruses, Access To Vaccines

The World Health Organization has brokered a deal resolving a long-running dispute between poorer countries and developed nations over access to emerging flu viruses and vaccines against them.

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Mon April 18, 2011

Brazil Aims To Clean Up Image Ahead Of Games

Prostitution is ambiguous in Brazil — it's not totally legal, or, illegal.

The tropical city of Rio de Janeiro has been trying to clean up its image as a place filled with drugs, violence and prostitution in an effort to strengthen its position as a global economic power and as it prepares to host the World Cup and the Olympics.

More than a few travelers come to Rio imagining impromptu samba, miles of palm trees and sunny beaches — and prostitution.

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Mon April 18, 2011
Japan In Crisis

Japanese Celebrate The Dead Amid A Town's Ruins

The Japanese seaside town of Rikuzentakata is home to a tiny temple called Kongoji. It's perched on a hillside and is one of the few structures still intact after last month's earthquake and tsunami.

Rikuzentakata was so flattened that it's hard to imagine life continuing here at all. Surveying the whole city, you can see maybe 10 buildings that are still standing. And yet, on a recent day, the sound of drums came from the hillside temple.

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Mon April 18, 2011

Like, Share, Discover: Facebook For Scientists

A few years ago, while he was doing research at Harvard, Ijad Madisch could not figure out why his experiment wasn't working. His adviser didn't know what was wrong, nobody in his lab worked on the same stuff, and none of his researcher friends could help.

"I was so frustrated," Madisch said. "I said there has to be something online where I go, where people can present themselves as a scientist, and where they put their information about their research and their publications and you can search for it."

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Mon April 18, 2011
Blog Of The Nation

Do They Make These Things In My Size?

For a second time, I find myself envying the lives of small children. Last month, I complained about the lost art of adult temper tantrums and now I kind of want this $1,500 stroller. For myself.

What is a $1,500 stroller?


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