Thu August 4, 2011

Ipads Approved for School Use in Hancock

The Hancock County Board of Education approved a 3- year, $265,000 lease for 500 iPads for all the teachers and students at Hancock County High School. The money for the devices comes out of the school district’s General Fund. “We will be the first high school in the state to give iPads to every student and every teacher,” Hancock County Board of Education Superintendent Scott Lewis said. “My vision is that eventually kids can walk around the high school with iPads and no books.”


Thu August 4, 2011
Business and the Economy

Corbin's Bike Program Shelved

Bikes for the Bike Share Program in Corbin, purchased with a $2,500 grant from Wal-Mart, are kept under lock and key due to lack of interest in the program. Officials feel the unused bikes may be vandalized if left out in the open.
Corbin/Whitley News Journal

A Corbin Main Street Program, funded by the local Wal-Mart store and designed to help encourage bike use in the area, has been shelved almost since it began for lack of interest, city officials say. Marlon Sams, director of Parks and Recreation for the city, says the program hasn't really drawn much interest - an idea that that may work in larger towns, but can't really be shoehorned into smaller, more rural towns, like Corbin.


Thu August 4, 2011
The Two-Way

Report Of Gunman At Virginia Tech Appears To Be False Alarm

Virginia Tech was put on lockdown earlier this morning after police received a report that a man was walking around campus with what looked like a handgun "covered by a cloth of some sort."

The university in Blacksburg, Virginia was the site of a 2007 shooting rampage. Officials issued a warning and told students to lock doors and stay inside.

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Thu August 4, 2011
The Commonwealth

Funding Needed for Jessamine I-75 Project

A connector road that would link Jessamine County directly to Interstate 75 is one of many road projects vying for state and federal dollars in a tight economic climate. So, with governmental funding in question, a Jessamine County transportation committee is taking a cue from Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary Mike Hancock and considering private investors.


Thu August 4, 2011
The Commonwealth

KY First Lady Visits Soldiers' Spouses

Jane Beshear
Dana Long Kentucky New Era

Kentucky first lady Jane Beshear came to the Family Resource Center at Fort Campbell on Tuesday to speak to the spouses of the soldiers on the base about how the Commonwealth of Kentucky can better support soldiers’ families.


Thu August 4, 2011

Unionizing, Flight Subsidies Central To FAA Standoff

A provision attached to a Federal Aviation Administration budget extension would cut subsidies for flights to rural airports. Among the airports that could be affected is one in Ely, Nev., home state of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
Chip Somodevilla Getty Images

There are two main issues dividing Republicans and Democrats, and the House and Senate, from reaching agreement on reauthorizing funding for the Federal Aviation Administration: a policy on forming unions and subsidized flights at smaller regional airports.

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Thu August 4, 2011
The Commonwealth

Lynch Clerk Helps Children, Considered Hero

With no regard for her own personal safety, Lynch City Clerk Erica Eldridge rushed into a home in Lynch where a war grenade detonated injuring several children and sending 20 people to the hospital. Eldridge led children from the home and began spraying them with a water hose to remove chemicals from their bodies and clothes. Lynch Police Chief Mike Nunley praised Eldridge for her “bravery” and called her a local hero.


Thu August 4, 2011
The Commonwealth

Hardin County to Vote on Alcohol Sales

Some Hardin County residents will have a chance to vote on expanding alcohol sales this fall. Hardin County Clerk Kenny Tabb confirmed Wednesday that Yes for Economic Success had reached the number of needed signatures in Elizabethtown, Radcliff and Vine Grove to force three local option elections.


Thu August 4, 2011
The Commonwealth

Hardin Co. Considers Unified Government

Hardin Circuit Judge Ken Howard told a roomful of elected officials Wednesday that Hardin County is in an age of prosperity and growth, which is the perfect time to consider looking at a unified local government. Without a crisis hanging over their heads or their backs against the wall, a more reasoned and careful examination of unification can be taken, he said. Howard, chairman of the Hardin County United Governance Subcommittee, partnered with consultant Luke Schmidt to walk elected officials through a comprehensive study Schmidt’s firm conducted that analyzed five unified governments in Georgia and Kentucky.


Thu August 4, 2011
All Politics are Local

Fancy Farm Gets Campaigns into High Gear

Politicians and political activists from around Kentucky will travel this weekend to the far western corner of the state and listen to candidates and political parties duke it out and set the tone for the rest of their campaigns. The 131st annual Fancy Farm Picnic in Graves County on Saturday will feature speeches from all the candidates for statewide offices. The rowdy atmosphere and spontaneous cheers and jeers the candidates endure during their stump speeches draws people to the picnic from across the state.