Fri June 3, 2011
Eastern and Central Kentucky

2300 East KY Homes to get Cleaner Water

FRANKFORT - Gov. Steve Beshear Friday announced funding for water supply projects in several Eastern Kentucky counties. Residents living along or in KY HWY 476 (Breathitt), Mudlick/Franks Creek (Johnson), Paintsville Lake area (Johnson), Dry Creek/Clear Creek (Knott), Treadway Road (Lee/Owsley), Trace Fork/Spicy Ridge (Martin), Whoopflarea (Owsley/Perry), South Perry (Perry) and Vicco (Perry/Letcher) should be noticing the construction of a water supply project funded by the Division of Abandoned Mine Lands in their communities.

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Fri June 3, 2011
The Commonwealth

$75 Million in State Highway Contracts

FRANKFORT – The state announced Friday the awarding of nearly $75 million in highway projects. They include funding for bridge deck repair, road maintenance, highway safety improvements and a new, state-of-the-art “double crossover diamond” interchange in Fayette County. All the contracts were awarded on the basis of competitive bidding. The Transportation Cabinet received and announced the bids on May 20, according to a press release.

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Fri June 3, 2011
The Commonwealth

Florida Governor Cracks Down on Pill Mills

After initially fighting one of its key provisions, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill Friday aimed at cracking down on clinics that frivolously dispense pain pills, feeding a nationwide prescription drug abuse epidemic. "Florida will shed its title as the Oxy Express," Scott said at a bill signing ceremony in Tampa, according to the St. Petersburg Times. Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear reacted to the news by issuing a statement:

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Fri June 3, 2011
Planet Money

The Friday Podcast: The Failure Tour Of New York

Originally published on Tue May 22, 2012 1:27 pm

Woolworth's is gone but the building still stands.
Stan Honda AFP/Getty Images
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On today's Planet Money, we hit the streets of Manhattan with economist Tim Harford. In his new book, Adapt, Harford argues that success always starts with failure.

Harford takes us on a failure tour of New York. Highlights include a Gutenberg Bible (turns out the Bible business wasn't so good to Gutenberg) and the Woolworth Building (Woolworth's had some great innovations in its day, but eventually got beat by big-box stores).

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Fri June 3, 2011
A Blog Supreme

Around The Jazz Internet: June 3, 2011


On Gil Scott-Heron, by Greg Tate. He wasn't jazz. But he was so very much of the blues. More links:

  • Multiple sources are reporting the death of pianist Ray Bryant. The composer of "Cubano Chant" played tons of sessions, led a trio (and made many records as a leader) and was uncle to the Eubanks brothers. More when we have it.
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Fri June 3, 2011
Marin Alsop on Music

Verdi's Requiem: An Opera In Disguise

Giuseppe Verdi poured operatic drama into his Requiem, written in 1874 in memory of his friend Alessando Manzoni.
Getty Images

Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem is a conductor's dream come true. Few pieces in the repertoire offer the drama of opera and the thrill of wonderful symphonic writing combined with stellar, virtuosic solo moments. But Verdi's Requiem does all that and more.

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Fri June 3, 2011
It's All Politics

Nearly 70% Say Presidential Candidate's Mormon Faith Is Irrelevant

Good news for politicians who happen to be Mormon like Mitt Romney, the newly announced candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, or Jon Huntsman, who may become one.

Sixty eight percent of Americans say a presidential candidate's Mormon faith is irrelevant to them, according to a Pew Research Center poll.

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Fri June 3, 2011
'It's All Politics': NPR's Weekly News Roundup

It's All Politics, June 1, 2011

Win McNamee Getty Images

So many questions, so few answers. Why is Anthony Weiner incapable of making the Twitter story go away? The Republican Party always nominates its frontrunners, but is it premature to give Mitt Romney that title just yet? And how do we decide whether Sarah Palin is the real deal or a sideshow?


Fri June 3, 2011
The Two-Way

At French Open, Roger Federer Ends Novak Djokovic's Perfect Season

Serbia's Novak Djokovic reacts after losing to Switzerland's Roger Federer during a semi final at the French Open tennis championship.
Patrick Kovarik AFP/Getty Images

In what the BBC calls an "imperious display," Roger Federer ended Novak Djokovic's perfect season and 43-match winning streak at the French Open. Federer now advances to the final on Sunday against Rafael Nadal.

If you're not much of a tennis fan, here's what was at stake in this match for everyone:

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Fri June 3, 2011
Tell Me More

Lost In Translation: Foreign Film Remakes' Greatest Hits and Misses

Although the new trailer for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is breathtaking, there seems no possible way for a studio to avoid watering down the Swedish sadomasochistic snuff noir so it will play in America. In cinema, there is the homage to the past, and there is the wholesale remake or re-imagining of a film.

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