Sun September 18, 2011
The Commonwealth

Twitter Accounts Surge During Bridge Closure

The Sherman Minton Bridge closure has spawned a number of novelty Twitter accounts, including two for the bridge itself.  Jason Oberhausen is behind one of them, @smintonbridge64 (the others are @shermintbridge and @ucantcrossme). He says this is his first novelty account, and he hopes it adds levity to a serious event.

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Sun September 18, 2011

Kentucky Schools Awarded Blue Ribbon Honor

Two Central Kentucky schools and one Eastern Kentucky school were named as 2011 National Blue Ribbon Schools based on their overall academic excellence or their success in closing achievement gaps, according to a release from the Kentucky Department of Education. Among the Kentucky schools honored with the designation were Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary School in Lexington, North Middletown Elementary in Bourbon County and Southside Elementary in Pike County. Others named in Kentucky were Gamaliel Elementary in Monroe County, W.R. McNeil Elementary in Bowling Green and Woodhill Elementary in Fort Thomas.


Sun September 18, 2011
The Commonwealth

How to Avoid Louisville's Traffic Congestion

Central Kentuckians planning on driving to Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis or other points west and northwest over the coming months will probably want to give their planned routes a second glance before heading out. The emergency shutdown of the Interstate 64 Sherman Minton Bridge that spans the Ohio River between Louisville and New Albany, Ind., could put a serious snarl in the typical paths taken from Lexington to some major cities.


Sun September 18, 2011
Kentuckians at War

Medal of Honor Recipient Focuses on Future

Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer said the future, not his past heroics, was the topic of his private patio conversation over beers with President Barack Obama before the Kentuckian was awarded the Medal of Honor last week. Meyer spoke briefly with the Herald-Leader after Saturday's Cow Days Parade and before a meet-and-greet event with well-wishers at Greensburg Baptist Church. The parade was his first public appearance since receiving the Medal of Honor on Thursday at the White House.


Sun September 18, 2011
Environmental Watchdog

Crumbling KY Bridge Example of Aging Infrastructure

President Barack Obama is using a crumbling Kentucky bridge over the Ohio River as a prime example of the need to rebuild the nation's aging infrastructure. "There's a bridge that needs repair between Ohio and Kentucky that's on one of the busiest trucking routes in North America," the president told Congress Sept. 8. But it was a second Kentucky bridge over the Ohio River that officials ordered closed the next day after engineers found cracks in its steel beams. That closure is forcing tens of thousands of vehicles through jammed city streets and onto a third Kentucky bridge over the Ohio River, this one rated by inspectors as even less sufficient than the others to remain in service.


Sun September 18, 2011
The Commonwealth

Henderson Firms Dealing with Bridge Closure

Hendersonians know something about bridge problems, such as when a wreck, construction, a barge strike or a routine inspection creates lane closure on the U.S. 41 Twin Bridges. But now, an emergency closure of a bridge two hours away -- the Interstate 64 bridge over the Ohio River at Louisville -- and the possibility that it could remain shut down for several months or longer is impacting travelers and businesses alike from Henderson.


Sun September 18, 2011

Schools Serving More Homeless Children

Hundreds of children come in and out of Amy Carter’s office each year, but one family stands out. Last year, she worked with siblings at Warren Elementary School whose mother was arrested and then sent to a rehabilitation center. The children bounced from relative to relative, hardly ever staying in the same place for more than a week. As the economy continues to dwindle, local school districts are experiencing a surge in homeless students. Last year, Warren County Public Schools identified 206 students as being homeless - the year before, only 90 students were considered homeless.


Sun September 18, 2011
All Politics are Local

Cave City Mayoral Race Appealed to High Court

A contested mayoral election in Barren County is being appealed to the Kentucky Supreme Court. The attorney for Cave City Mayor Bob Hunt filed a motion for discretionary review Thursday, urging the state’s high court to overturn the decision of two lower courts to declare the 2010 mayoral election in Cave City null and void. Hunt, the incumbent, garnered the most votes in last year’s election against Dwayne Hatcher and Larry Davidson, defeating Hatcher by two votes Nov. 4.


Sun September 18, 2011
Business and the Economy

Obama's Job Impact Not Clear

The American Jobs Act, which President Barack Obama rolled out this month, could create several thousand jobs in Kentucky if passed by Congress, according to White House estimates. However, it remains unclear how those new jobs could affect the Bowling Green area, where the unemployment rate was 8.4 in July, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate for Kentucky remained steady in August at 9.5 percent.


Sun September 18, 2011
The News Tip On Weekend Edition Sunday

The News Tip: Don't Get Distracted In Debates

Republican presidential candidates debate in California on Sept. 7. NBC's Brian Williams says a moderator's persistence can reveal which questions candidates want to avoid.
Kevork Djansezian Getty Images

The Republican presidential hopefuls will meet in Orlando on Thursday for their next debate. It's an additional opportunity for the candidates to try to set themselves apart in a crowded field. It's also a chance to take stock of the debate moderators.

NPR's media correspondent David Folkenflik has this tip for the moderators: Don't get distracted.

He tells Weekend Edition host Audie Cornish that the "theatricality" of some debates can make people forget their purpose.

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