Thu September 29, 2011
The Salt

Scent Of Rotten Fruit Signals Sex, At Least For Fruit Flies

Waitin' on a lady
digicla Flickr

If you're into sexual chemistry, set an aging banana peel or apple core out on your kitchen counter, pull up a chair, and wait β€” for the fruit flies.

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Thu September 29, 2011

Chicago-Area Skunk Population Raises A Stink

Originally published on Thu September 29, 2011 6:15 pm

This small juvenile skunk was caught by Des Plaines, Ill., homeowner Richard Kaulback. He says there have always been raccoons and opossums in the Chicago area, but this year, skunks have become prolific.
Cheryl Corley NPR

There is a slight stench as Brandon Owen steps out of his truck. The biologist is a wildlife technician with ABC Humane Wildlife Control, and his company has captured 687 skunks so far this year in northeastern Illinois β€” about 200 more than last year.

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Thu September 29, 2011

French Feminists Say 'Non' To 'Mademoiselle'

In France, feminists are trying to do away with the word mademoiselle, which they see as separating women into two categories β€” married and unmarried β€” in a manner men aren't subjected to.
Thurston Hopkins Getty Images

Feminists in France say the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal has forced the country to confront longstanding sexist attitudes. Buoyed by this new awareness, they are now taking on what they see as one of the most entrenched, if not discreet, barriers to gender equality in France: the word "mademoiselle."

In France, when you fill out a form β€” whether it's a job application or a parking citation β€” if you're a woman, you have to choose between madame and mademoiselle.

Too bad if you feel your marital status is nobody's business, there's simply no French equivalent of "Ms."

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Thu September 29, 2011
The Commonwealth

Government Alleges Coal Company Discrimination

The federal government has filed a lawsuit on behalf of thirteen Kentucky coal miners who say they were discriminated against over their race. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the lawsuit earlier this week in the Western District of Kentucky against River View Coal. The lawsuit alleges that thirteen African-American miners who applied for jobs at River View Coal’s mine in Union County were rejected because of their race.

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Thu September 29, 2011
Kentuckians at War

Medal of Honor Recipient Recognized

Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer will be honored in public ceremonies as part of "Sgt. Dakota Meyer Week" on Oct. 2 in his hometown of Columbia, in Adair County. Ceremonies include a public parade around downtown Columbia and a ceremony at Lindsey Wilson College's stadium.


Thu September 29, 2011
The Commonwealth

Lexington Will Hire New Cops

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray says the city has obtained federal money to help pay for more police officers on the local force. "Lexington has received a three point nine million dollar federal grant that will pay the salaries and benefits of twenty-five new police officers for the next three years. This kind of support is really important in times like today."

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Thu September 29, 2011

It Took Only 5 Minutes? House Votes To Stay Funded

Originally published on Thu September 29, 2011 7:13 pm

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), pictured here on Tuesday, was one of a few House members present Thursday to vote to keep the government funded till next week. "Once you get to yes, things can move quickly," he says.
J. Scott Applewhite AP

The House or Representatives met for exactly 5 minutes and 2 seconds Thursday and β€” in less time than you can eat lunch β€” passed a spending bill that will keep the government up and running.

That is, for a few days, anyway.

How It Happened

At 11 a.m., an officer of the sergeant at arms threw open the doors of the House of Representatives to carry in the 4-foot ceremonial mace with the golden eagle on top.

Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) was in the chair and called on the House chaplain to give the prayer.

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Thu September 29, 2011
The Commonwealth

OxyContin Lawsuit Returns to Kentucky

Attorney General Jack Conway is praising a U.S. District Court ruling this week that returns a 2007 lawsuit against Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of OxyContin, to Pike Circuit Court. "OxyContin is one of the most powerful and addictive substances on the planet," Conway said in a press release. "Purdue Pharma's misrepresentations about the addictive nature of OxyContin helped fuel an epidemic of prescription pill abuse across Kentucky. I am pleased that this case is now back in Kentucky courts and moving forward after four years of delay at the hands of Purdue Pharma."


Thu September 29, 2011
The Two-Way

Authorities Charge 37 In Drug Sting At Boeing's Penn. Plant

The Justice Department announced that 36 Boeing employees and one non-employee were arrested in connection to a drug sting at the aerospace company's Ridley Park, Penn. plant.

Twenty-three of them were charged with illegal distribution of a prescription drug; while the rest were charged with buying the drugs. The FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration placed an uncover agent at the plant, after Boeing complained that there was a problem.

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Thu September 29, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

Worries About Autism Link Still Hang Over Vaccines

Originally published on Fri September 30, 2011 1:44 pm

University of Miami pediatrician Judith L. Schaechter gives an HPV vaccination to a 13-year-old girl last week in Miami.
Joe Raedle Getty Images

Even before Rep. Michele Bachmann made waves by questioning the safety of vaccines against cervical cancer, there was plenty of resistance to routine immunization.

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