Tue August 2, 2011
The Two-Way

Democratic Party Prepping For Giffords Re-Election Bid

In an interview with CBS' The Early Show, the head of the Democratic party said they expect Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) to "come back to help us full time."

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) said the Democratic National Committee was prepping for a re-election bid in case Giffords decides to run.

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Tue August 2, 2011
Business and the Economy

Fleming Hospital Looks For New Leadership

Fleming County Hospital officials are taking the next step toward hiring a full-time chief executive officer as the hospital board is set to interview candidates. It has been six months since former CEO Davie Lloyd resigned from her position in efforts to "pursue other career interests." Effective upon Lloyd's resignation, interim-CEO Joyce Hein took the position and the responsibility that came with it, and has since been working with the hospital board to cut losses totaling more than $3 million.


Tue August 2, 2011
Environmental Watchdog

Hot, Dry Conditions Continue to Stress Crops

Very hot and dry conditions continues to stress crops and livestock, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Louisville field office reported Monday. While much of the corn, soybean and other crops remain in good or excellent condition, a growing portion is declining into fair or poor condition, it said.


Tue August 2, 2011

One Final Hurdle: Debt-Ceiling Bill Faces Senate Vote

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid speaks to the media after a meeting of Democratic senators Monday at the U.S. Capitol.
Nicholas Kamm AFP/Getty Images

It seems to be all over but the voting.

Hours before the deadline to avert a U.S. default, the Senate was expected to pass legislation Tuesday in time to send it to President Obama and end the self-inflicted debt-ceiling crisis that has shaken confidence in the nation's credit and its political leaders.

The compromise bill, which easily passed the House on Monday night, is virtually assured to clear the Senate by a bipartisan tally. The president has promised to sign it into law almost immediately.

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Tue August 2, 2011
Eastern and Central Kentucky

Explosion in Lynch Causes Injury

A Harlan County Hazmat trailer arrived at the site of a chemical explosion on Main Street in Lynch on Monday evening. Several individuals were injured in the incident.
Anders Eld Harlan Daily Enterprise

A chemical explosion in Lynch early Monday evening injured several people, including some children. Officials report that a local ambulance service was dispatched to a residence on Main Street. They reported smelling a chemical in the residence and experiencing burning skin. A neighbor reported having heard a boom around the time of the incident. Ambulance personnel and residents were removed from the residence.


Tue August 2, 2011

Despite Heat, Summer's Over

Pre-school sweethearts Charlotte Saunderson and Ben Peach continued last year's tradition of holding hands as they walked through the halls to class after breakfast on Monday, their first day back at Second Street School in Frankfort.
Charles Bertram Lexington Herald-Leader

Amid blistering midsummer heat, summer vacation is ending as schools reopen this week in Frankfort and other Kentucky communities. Frankfort Independent Schools and Breathitt County Schools opened Monday for the 2011-12 school year. Most other districts open later this week or next, including Fayette County on Aug. 11.


Tue August 2, 2011

Inside The Tea Party's Rising Influence

The battle over the debt ceiling may be over, but Congress remains deeply divided.

"Republicans are now taking a well-deserved victory lap while the Democrats are in a state of near total dejection," says journalist Robert Draper. "The Republicans got some cuts, they kept some revenue off the table but most of all, what they've done is dramatically shift the ethos in Washington."

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Tue August 2, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

FDA: Wake Up, People, Those Lazy Brownies Are Unsafe

Lazy Cakes, now sold as Lazy Larry, contain melatonin. The Food and Drug Administration says that ingredient, which helps regulate sleep, is not an approved additive for food.

The Food and Drug Administration has given the maker of Lazy Larry relaxation brownies a wake-up call.

The Associated Press reported the agency has warned HBB LLC, the Memphis-based company that sells the brownies, that the melatonin in them has not been deemed a safe food additive. And the FDA says it can seize the brownies, which it considers adulterated, if HBB keeps making and selling them.

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Tue August 2, 2011

Under Pressure, Soccer Goalies Tend To Dive Right

Team USA's Goalkeeper Hope Solo fails to save Japan's defender Saki Kumagai's goal during the FIFA Women's Football World Cup final match Japan vs. USA on July 17, in Germany. Japan won 3-1 in a penalty shoot-out after the final finished 2-2 in extra-time.
John MacDougall AFP/Getty Images

The Japanese women's soccer team stunned the United States a few weeks ago. After a tense match where Team America seemed to have the upper hand throughout, Japan leveled the game with a late equalizer and then went on to win a penalty shoot-out.

New psychological research suggests that soccer goalkeepers and teams aren't only affected by the high stakes pressure of a penalty shoot-out. Without their awareness, goalkeepers also appear to be biased to dive to the right in some situations.

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Tue August 2, 2011

In Europe, Asia, Stocks Fall Amid U.S. Economy Worries

Later today, President Obama is expected to sign the bill to avert a U.S. debt default. Despite Obama's actions, there is still concern the U.S. credit rating could be downgraded.