Wed August 10, 2011
The Two-Way

Man On 41-Day Hunger Strike Asks For Meeting With Georgia's Governor

Salvador Zamora.
Cobb Immigrant Alliance

Salvador Zamora's hunger strike began the day Georgia's immigration law went into effect. Yesterday, on the 40th day of his strike, Zamora, pushed in a wheelchair by a cadre of fellow activists, delivered a letter to Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal's office.

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Wed August 10, 2011

Fired Professor Plans to Sue KSU

Harold Benson

 Saying there’s “too much water under the bridge to return” to Kentucky State University, fired agriculture professor Harold Benson plans to sue his former employer, his attorney says. Brenda Allen told The State Journal Tuesday that her client was unable to reach a settlement with KSU, and she’s preparing to file suit on his behalf. Allen says she is awaiting documents she requested from KSU  under the Kentucky Open Records Act, and will likely file the suit in early September. She argues that her client was tenured faculty and couldn’t legally be terminated.


Wed August 10, 2011
The Two-Way

U.S. Says Syria Would 'Better Off Without' Assad

The White House said today that Syria would be "better off without" President Bashar Assad as its leader. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said during his daily press briefing that Assad had lost his "legitimacy."

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Wed August 10, 2011
The Two-Way

'Dougherty Gang' Caught In Colorado After Car Crash; Wanted For Robbery

Ryan Edward Dougherty, Dylan Dougherty Stanley, and Lee Grace Dougherty are seen in a composite photo assembled from their drivers' license pictures.
Pasco County Sheriff's Office

The "Dougherty Gang" — two brothers and their sister who are accused of a crime spree that began in their native Florida — has been captured in Colorado, The Denver Post reports. Ryan Dougherty, 21, Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26, and Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, were reportedly arrested one day after visiting an REI store in Colorado Springs, where a tipster phoned police.

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Wed August 10, 2011

Young, Racially-Mixed Working Class Fuels U.K. Uproar

Originally published on Wed August 10, 2011 3:33 pm

Youths throw bricks at police in this Sunday, Aug. 7, 2011 photo during unrest in Enfield, north London. Nearly 1,200 people have been arrested since the riots erupted Saturday, mostly poor youths from a broad section of Britain's many races and ethnicities. Britain is bitterly divided on the reasons behind the riots.
Karel Prinsloo AP

More than 16,000 police officers flooded into London streets Wednesday, but unrest has spread to other cities. To learn what the country looks like now, which groups of people are rioting, and what political leaders can do to possibly end riots, guest host Allison Keyes speaks with a London-based reporter, and the founder of Britain's Operation Black Vote.

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Wed August 10, 2011
Author Interviews

The Double-Amputee Who Designs Better Limbs

Hugh Herr is a biophysicist and rock climber. He is the holder or co-holder of 10 patents related to prosthetic devices.
Len Rubenstein Crown Business

Hugh Herr's legs were amputated below his knees in 1982 after a climbing accident. From his knees down to the floor, he's completely artificial.

"I'm titanium, carbon, silicon, a bunch of nuts and bolts," he tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross. "My limbs that I wear have 12 computers, five sensors and muscle-like actuator systems that able me to move throughout my day."

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Wed August 10, 2011
The Two-Way

Debt 'Super Committee' Nearly Complete, At 9 Members

The new "Debt Supercommittee" created by the recent deficit ceiling deal now has 9 of its 12 members, as House Speaker John Boehner says Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas will co-chair the new committee, according to the AP.

The panel's task will be to create a bipartisan plan for cutting the federal deficit by around $1.5 trillion. That money could come from a combination of spending cuts and raising revenue.

If the panel fails to reach an agreement, automatic cuts would be made — and the automated cuts were crafted to be unpalatable to both of the major political parties.

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Wed August 10, 2011

Think You Know Iowa? Five Things You've Got Wrong

unknown iStockphoto.com

Call it what you will — an August Occasion, Summery Judgment, Iowa ... wa ... whatever — the hype is hyperbolic this week as Republican presidential aspirants converge on Ames, Iowa, like storm clouds on an open prairie. The candidates will debate Thursday night at Iowa State University and then be subjected to a straw poll on Saturday.

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Wed August 10, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

Music's Soothing Notes Can Help Cancer Patients Chill Out

A study suggests that listening to music is a simple way for cancer patients and their families to help manage stress.

Music therapy for cancer sounds like the ultimate in New Age woo-woo. But a respected medical journal now says that listening music can indeed help relieve the suffering caused by cancer and cancer treatments.

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Wed August 10, 2011
The Two-Way

'Bear Woman' Of Mendicino Cuts Plea Deal; Home Was Day Spa For Bears

Originally published on Wed August 10, 2011 12:44 pm

"Bear Woman" Lynne Gravier turned her ranch home into something of a luxury resort for more than a dozen bears, like this young California black bear, seen here in a tree in Los Angeles last year.
Mike Meadows AP

It's illegal to feed the bears in California. So what to do with Mendocino County's "Bear Woman," who remade her home into something of a luxury resort for more than a dozen bears? Before the authorities stepped in, Lynne Gravier was reportedly feeding them as much as 6,000 pounds of corn each month.

As the San Francisco Chronicle reports,

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